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  • Welcome to our Virtual Tasting Monthly Events! Once you receive your monthly wine subscription, please join us for a fun-filled, interactive virtual wine tasting experience of your select wines! You will have the pleasure of enjoying and sharing your notes amongst your fellow wine adventurers!


    In each of our special live wine tastings, you will receive:

    Learnings and fun facts about the select wines.

    An understanding of how-to taste wine to help you effectively rate your wines.

    A wine tasting experience of the select wines.

    Food pairing and occasion ideas.

    Food pairing and occasion ideas.

    A wine tasting experience of the select wines.

    Opportunities to meet guest speakers within the wine industry.

    A chance to win a prize, to participate interactively with other members AND most importantly, to have FUN!

    Choose your date based on your bundle package. For custom bundle packages, please choose any dates of your choice. Please feel free to have a member in your household join you in our Virtual Wine Tasting event.

    Note: only one date per bundle package per member

    Scroll down to see our anticipated upcoming tasting dates (provided the minimum number of participants are registered). All registered participants will receive an email confirming the status of the event prior to the event date. Sign up today – We look forward to seeing you there!

    For those who aren’t Paired Club members yet and want to join in on the Virtual Wine Tasting events, please subscribe to one of our Weekday Warrior, Adventurer or Customized Subscription bundles.
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