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  • Pinot Grigio Tasting Notes

    Originating from the Pinot Noir grape, Pinot Grigio is the Italian version of this grape, usually very dry with high
    acidity and hints of almonds. The finest examples of Pinot Gris come from cooler climates and exhibit flavors of stonefruit, pear, apple, and sweet spices. Pairs well with grilled fish, chicken, and pork.

    Dry Sweet
    Light Full
    Low High
    Low High





    Pinot Grigio – Fun Facts

    Pinot Noir/Gris/Blanc are under the same
    genetic footprint (under the “Pinot” family).

    Pinot Grigio is the “Italian version” and is lighter,
    crisp, and floral in comparison to Pinot Gris.

    Versatile in style, great for food pairing and for cooking!

    Pinot Grigio – Prominet Grape Growing Areas

    Pinot Grigio – Prominet Grape Growing Areas

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