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  • Mixologist Giovanni Mascagni at Fiorino Italian Street Food

    You can’t go wrong with serving Champagne for the holidays but why not spice up the party and make your guests something with a bit more flair that they’ll be sure to brag about to their friends. Perfect for any occasion like a holiday party, new year’s celebration, or a small gathering with your friends or family.

    We’ve collaborated with Fiorino Italian Street Food, located in Vancouver’s bustling Chinatown neighborhood, to help you impress your holiday guests with two wine-inspired cocktails, expertly mixed up by our friend Gio Mascagni. Inspired by authentic Florentine Street Food, Fiorino offers house-made schiacciata bread sandwiches by day and Tuscan-inspired tapas and dishes with Aperitivo by night!

    Owner Giovanni (Gio) Mascagni has had a dream of bringing to Vancouver his favourite Italian street food since moving to Canada from his native Florence in 2013. He accomplished just that by opening Fiorino Italian Street Food in Chinatown this past September with business partners Mitchel & Chef Mario.

    Festive Tuscan Sour

    Just as the name suggests, this take on a New York sour is indeed a must for those who like their cocktails to be tart but with an edge of sweetness. The red wine float integrates with the rest of the ingredients as you sip, bringing together the perfect complement of flavours in one glass. A beautiful and tasty delight!

    You will need:

    Cocktail shaker with a Hawthorne strainer
    Mesh strainer
    Bar spoon (or a regular spoon works as well)
    Coupe glass


    2 oz Bourbon
    ¾ oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
    1 whole cube raw sugar
    1 whole egg white
    1 – 1 ½ oz Tuscan Chianti
    Ice cubes
    Dehydrated lemon (or any citrus) slice for garnish


    In a cocktail shaker, pour in Bourbon, lemon juice & egg white, add sugar cube. Vigorously dry shake (without ice) for approximately 20 seconds. Add a scoop of ice, shake again approx. 10 seconds. Double strain into a coupe glass.

    Immerse the spoon upside down in foam and very slowly pour Chianti onto the back of the spoon. You will notice the wine floats below the foam but above the rest of the cocktail, creating a nice separation of colours in your cocktail.

    New Year’s Sparkler

    A refreshing hint of lemon and a nice bit of sweetness from the Cassis complement the bubbles dancing on your tongue. The perfect cocktail to start or end an evening with, this would be fun to make for friends as the clock strikes midnight this new years eve.

    You will need:

    Cocktail shaker with a Hawthorne strainer
    Mesh strainer
    Champagne flute


    1 oz Limoncello
    1 oz gin
    3 oz Prosecco
    Splash Crème de Cassis
    Ice cubes
    Lemon, to make a twist


    Into your cocktail shaker, add Limoncello, gin, and a scoop of ice. Shake well. Double strain into a champagne flute, top with Prosecco. Pour a splash of Crème de Cassis into the center of the cocktail to add a beautiful dash of colour and sweetness to this refreshing and fun cocktail.


    You’re all set to impress your guests with these two holiday-inspired wine cocktails! Easy to make, delicious, and festive – they’re bound to go crazy over them. So, sip back, relax and let the drinks do the rest of the work.

    Looking for more cocktail ideas? Check out our Mulled Wine Recipe for a cozy, seasonal drink to keep you warm over the holidays.

    Tiegan Ford is the Marketing Coordinator at Paired, with an interest in design as well. As a novice wine drinker, she enjoys learning about wine, what foods to pair with different wines, and tasting notes to further expand her knowledge and enhance her wine tasting experience.

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