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  • Paired Wine Club Sets Out Your Easy-to-Follow Guide for the Days and Hours Leading up to Your Perfectly Planned Party

    In our last post, “How to Plan the Perfect Holiday Party”, Paired Wine Club made sure you were prePaired to set the mood for your holiday festivities. We sent out the invitations. We gathered all the non-perishable items such as candles and napkins and made suggestions for wine and food. We also discussed preparing a holiday playlist.

    Now, we just need to get the party started.

    Prepping for a festive party is really all about taking it step by step. In this guide, Paired Wine Club will take you through everything you’re going to need. Now you can breathe easy; It’s all going to be wonderful.

    paired club holiday party


    1. Buy any outstanding groceries and some fresh flowers.
    2. Prep the house.
    • Put tablecloths on your serving tables – the buffet, the bar
    • Lay out the napkins
    • What are you serving and for how many? Take stock of your flatware, glassware, plates, bowls and set them on the table in preparation.
    • Place your flowers and festive candles throughout your rooms in pretty clusters. Adjust as needed


    Make what you can ahead of time.

    1. Mulled wine can simply be left on the stove, saving precious fridge space until you’re ready to heat it up
    2. Decide where guests will leave their coats – a spare room or on your bed


    1. Add spices to potato chips and popcorn. Place little serving bowls strategically throughout the house
    2. Chill the white wine. A good rule of thumb is six bottles each of red and white for a party of 20. We suggest a couple bottles each of:- Casale del Giglio – Bellone in our Weekday Warrior all white
      – Bodegas Sarmentaro – Verdejo found in the Weekday Warrior 4 pack white and mixed
      – Phantom Creek Pinot Gris available in our Adventurer all white and 6 pack mixed

      And for reds, a couple each of the:
      – Penley Estate – Cabernet Sauvignon in our Weekday Warrior all red
      – Hatch Ross O in Weekday Warrior 4 pack red and mixed
      – Desert Hills Cabernet Franc in our Adventurer 4 pack mixed


    Preheat the oven and prepare your main course. A good rule of thumb is to give yourself plenty of time to get your meal in the oven and on the table before your guests begin to arrive.

    Prep always takes more time than we expect. So, give yourself plenty of it. Remember this is a stress-free day. You’ve got this.

    Once the main course is in the oven, concentrate on your appetizers. If you want to keep this as simple as possible, Paired Wine Club can deliver straight to your door our festive charcuterie boards, both traditional and plant-based. Assemble what you need and get them on the table with plenty of time to spare.


    Time to set up the bar

    • If possible, use a table that allows access on all sides
    • Prep the Shirley Temples for the kids. Set them up in a large pitcher and place the maraschino cherries in a festive bowl next to it with a pretty spoon so they can be doled out in manageable portions
    paired turkey in oven


    Take your main course out of the oven, and let it rest for 30 mins before serving.


    1. Reheat the mulled wine, add a ladle for easy service and arrange some glassware nearby
    2. Light the candles
    3. Light a fire
    4. Start the music
    5. Even simpler: Stream a fireplace with holiday music off YouTube onto your TV
    6. Serve your main course and place it on the table with your prepared appetizers


    Now, it’s time for you to pour yourself a glass of wine before the guests arrive. Have a seat in that comfy chair and take it all in. That’s right. You did this. The table’s set. The bar is sorted. Your home is warm and inviting. And, it feels just like the holidays of yore.

    We at Paired Wine Club wish you and yours the very best of the holiday season. By following this holiday party guide, you’ll be able to enjoy every last moment. Remember to check back often for more ideas and wine and food pairings. We’re here to make every day stress-free and enjoyable.

    Now, is that a knock at the door?

    Darlene Webb is a communications professional, and photographer with a wine and food pairing background. Based in southern Ontario’s wine country, Darlene continues to explore her love of Canada’s many fine wines and those from around the world and returns to the Niagara region often to enjoy the bounty of its many varietals and freshly grown foods.

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